Yale University School of Drama MFA, Academic Honors, 1997

Bard College BA, Academic Honors, 1990

Professional Affiliations

USA Local 829 Lighting Design
ACT-UAW Adjunct Professor
IALD - International Association of Lighting Designers Member
IES - Illuminating Engineering Society Member
LEED Green Associate 


Searching for Romeo by Brian Sutton, Directed by Laura Josepher, Pearl Theater, NY 7/14.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Rupert Holmes, Directed by Charles Richter, Empie Theater, PA 10/13.

On The Town by Leonard Bernstein, Betty Comden and Adolph Green, Directed by Charles Richter, Empie Theatere, PA 10/12.

Blood Dazzler  Conceived and Created by Paloma and Patricia McGregor, Based on Poems by Patricia Smith, Harlem Stage, NY 9/10.
God's Trombones by Craig Harris, Directed by Avery Brooks, Apollo Theater and Harlem Stage, NY 12/08.

A Wedding Day Eun Hee Kim, Producer/Director, Sudden Enlightenment Theater, Poet’s Den Theater, NY 5/07.
Beyond The DMZ, Sudden Enlightenment Theater, Eun Hee, Producer, International Korean Cosmopolitan Festival, Seoul 8/06.

The Abundance Project by Marty Pottenger, Directed by Steve Bailey and Marty Pottenger, Dance Theater Workshop, NY 1/04.

Two Cities, The Musical by Chad Hardin and Dan Schillaci, Directed by Leslie Blake,  Blue Heron Theater, NY11/03.

Dating Games by Garth Wingfield, Directed by Laura Josepher, Playwrights Horizons, Studio Theater, NY 6/03.

Private Eyes by Steven Dietz, Directed by Laura Feliciani, Empie Theater,PA 3/03.

Hamletmachine by Heiner Müller, Directed by Fred Newman, Castillo Theater, NY 10/02.

Crawling from the Wreckage by Paul Rogalus, Directed by Stephan Golux, American Theater of Actors, NY 2/02.

Logic of the Birds by Shirin Neshat, Sussan Deyhim, Shoja Azari and Ghasem Ebrahimian, New York Premiere, The Kitchen, NY 10/01.

Single Action Shotgun Written and Directed by Mike Gorman, La Mama, etc., NY 6/01.

Frankie’s Wedding Adapted and Directed by Gabrielle Lansner, The Walkerspace, NY 3/01.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, Directed by Peter Flynn, National Theater of The Deaf,  CT 12/00.

Little Shop of Horrors by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, Directed by William Sanders, Baker Theater, PA 10/00.

Downstream by James C. Ryder, Directed by Obi Ndefo,  Santa Monica Playhouse, CA 10/00.

An Angry Man Written and Directed by Jeremy Weller,  Theater Four, NY 7/00.

Yield Burning by Jill Szuchmacher, Directed by Heidi R. Miller, The Ontological Theater, NY 6/00.

West Side Story by Arthur Laurents, Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, Directed by Charles Richter, Empie Theater, PA 3/00.

Splendora by Peter Webb, Stephen Hoffman and Mark Campbell, Directed by Donna Drake,  Chelsea Playhouse, NY 1/00.

Varla Jean Merman in Enough About Me by Jeffery Roberson, Directed by Michael Schiralli, Chelsea Playhouse, NY 1/00.

This Is The Real Police Athletic League Armory Players, Directed by Jeremy Weller, The Kitchen, NY 1999 - 2000.

On The Verge by Eric Overmeyer, Directed by Bruce Katzman,  John Houseman Studio A, NY 3/99 and 9/99.

Narcissus and Echo by John Goode and Larrance Fingerhut, Directed by John James Hickey, Wings Theater, NY 3/99.

Putting it Together by Stephen Sondheim, Directed by Stephan Kitsakos, Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center, NY 9/98.

If I Were You Written and Directed by Mike Taylor, The Kitchen, NY 8/98.

Death of A Damn Nation by Aida Croal, Directed by N’Gai Croal, Trilogy Theater, NY 6/98.

Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams, Directed by Eddie Bennett, Sanford Meisner Theater, NY 4/98.

Le Menage by Aida M. Croal, Directed by Robert Allen,  La Mama Annex, NY 2/98.

The Farmyard and Through The Leaves by Franz Xavier Kroets, Directed by William Driver, Bard College Drama Department, NY 10/97.

The Great Highway by August Strindberg, Directed by Robert Allen, Columbia University Horace Mann Theater, NY 12/97.

Thornton Wilder Commemorative Directed by David Grillo, Yale Club, NY 12/97.

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, Directed by Allison Narver, Yale Experimental Theater, CT 4/97.

The Cryptogram by David Mamet, Directed by Mark Rucker,  Yale Repertory Theater, CT 11/96.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Directed by Andrew Utter, Yale Experimental Theater, CT 1/96.

The Art of Success by Nick Dear, Directed by Preston Lane, Yale Repertory Theater, CT,10/95.

Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett, Directed by Constance Grappo, Yale University Theater, CT 3/95.

Judge and Jury by Mark Dunn, Directed by Robert Kreis,  13th Street Repertory Theater, NY 3/94.

Miscast by Jennie S. Staniloff, Directed by Jeremy Dobrish,  Soho Rep, NY 7/93.

Underground Goddess by Abigail Gampel, Directed by Anthony Koplin, Public Fringe Festival, Lu Esther Hall, Public Theater, NY 4/93.

Internfest Helena Webb, Coordinator,  Ensemble Studio Theater, NY 1992.

Franks Life by Mark Dunn, Directed by Laura Josepher,  13th Street Repertory Theater, NY 5/92.

Seven Pillars of Wicca-Dick: A Triumph Written and Performed by Mark Ameen, Directed by Rich Rubin,  Duality Playhouse, NY 11/91.

Coco by Alan Jay Lerner and André Previn, Directed by Vincent Kyd, Judith Anderson Theater, NY 1991.

Mame by Jerry Herman, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, Directed by Christine Watson, Regional, John Harms Theater, NJ 1991.


Urban Bush Women, Jawole Zollar, Choreographer, 2004-Present.

·     Chalabati

·     30th Anniversary Mash-up

·     Resistance and Power

·     Body Talk

·     Naked City

·     Shelter

·     Cool, Baby, Cool

·     Walking With Pearl: The Southern Diaries

·     Walking With Pearl: The Africa Diaries

·     Batty Moves

·     Girlfriends

·     Sacred Vessel

·     Are We Democracy

·     20th Anniversary Concert

MADboots Dance Co,Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz, Choreographers, NY 2013-14.

·     Beau.

·     All Good Sons [excerpt]

Nora Chipaumire Dance, Nora Chipaumire, Choreographer, Dance New Amsterdam, NY 2006 -2014.

·     Pungwe - Musings about the Revolution

·     Dark Swan

The YoMoCo, Robert Vail and Matthew Flatley, Choreographers, NY 3/13.

·     The Crooked [excerpt]

Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance Company, Cherylyn Lavagnino, Choreographer, NY 2011-13.

·     Rest, Beloved

·     Yielding Gently

·     Bicycle

·     Will

·     Menage

·     Body Talk

Muhlenberg College, , Faculty Dance Concert, Karen Dearborn, Artistic Director, Faculty and Guest Choreographers, 1998 to Present.

John-Mark Owen - Moving Imagery,  John-Mark Owen, Choreographer, Unam Ceylum,  NY 5/09.

Ellis Wood Dance, Ellis Wood, Choreographer, NY 11/08 to present.

·     Flat Effect

·     The Falcon Project

Fly By Night Dance Company, Julie Ludwick, Choreographer, NY 1999 - 2008.

·     The Amelia Project

·     Seasoned Women

·     Three’s a Crowd

·     Birds of a Feather

·     By Chance

·     The Colors of Flight

Troika Ranch, Dawn Stoppiello, Choreographer, NY 1998 - 2006.

·     16 [R]evolutions

·     Surfaces, New York Premiere

·     Future of Memory, New York Premiere

·     Reine-Rien

·     Suite Devo

·     Flowing of Honey

·     She Is Not A Fictional Character

·     Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

·     Red People

·     Vera’s Body

·     Bank/Perspective 1

·      In Plane

·     Monitored

Everywoman Series, Southern Theater, OH, Lori Belilove, Choreographer, Stephanie Matthews, Visual Artist 4/07.

Blondell Cummings, Chicken Soup, Jarsen-Kaplen Theater, OH 3/07.

Loose Change Dance Company, Eric Fenn, Choreographer, Human Nature, Yerba Buena Center, CA 2/07.

New York University,  Masters Concert. Student Choreographers, Tisch School of the Arts, NY 5/06.

St. Joseph College, Student and Faculty Choreographers, NY 11/04.

Choreographer Showcase, Tribeca Performong Arts Center, Christine Suarez, Richard Rivera, Ellis Wood, Kraig Patterson, Choreographers, NY 3/04.

Christopher Caines Dance Company, Christopher Caines, Choreographer, NY 2003 - 2004.

·     Can’t Sleep

·     5th Anniversary Gala

American College Dance Festival Association, Student and Faculty Choreographers, Muhlenberg College, PA 2002, 2011.

Dancers At Work, Student Choreographers, Marymount Manhattan, NY 12/01.

David Parker-The Bang Group, Lowbrowse, Zagreb, Croatia 6/01.

MFA Concert, SUNY Purchase, NY 5/01

·      Dearest, Choreographed by Jean McDade

·      Awkward Silence, Choreographed by Jean McDade

·      Les Enfants Terrible, Choreographed by Ayako Kurakake

·      Anchor, Choreographed by Ayako Kurakake

Carol Nolte/Dance Collective, Carol Nolte, Choreographer, NY 3/01.

·      The Skinwalker

·      Off The Grid

·      Yellow Dog Blues

Lise Brenner and Company, Lise Brenner, Choreographer, NY 1999 - 2000.

·      Birdcalls

·      And I will see you there Always

·      Polka Love

·      Franks Dance I-III

·      The Fifth Season

·      Hidden Places of Snow

Wellspring Project, 11/00

·      Hymne A La Vie, Choreographed by Mariko Tanabe

·      Caesura, Choreographed by Ashley Smith

Alice Farley Dance Theater, Alice Farley, Choreographer, NY 1993, 2000.

·      Black Fire

·      Imaginary Ancestors

Susan Cherniak Dance Company, Susan Cherniak, Choreographer, Cunningham Studios, NY 1999 - 2000.

·      Wunderhorn Tanz

·      Ego

·      Fragile Life

·      The Wind Bids a Lover’s Farewell

·      Rheinlegendchen

·      Riders of The Tides

·     Engravings in Space

·      Out of The Sea Came She

·      Far Woods

·      The Second Half of Joy

·      Toil

Old Dominion University Ballet, Choreographed by Istvan Ament., The Nutcracker, Norfolk Performing Arts Center, VA 12/99.

Jonathon Appels Company, Jonathon Appels, Choreographer, Morocco Tour 6/99.

·      The Lake Is Now Closed For Swimming

·      Not An Exit Door

·      Coco-Grille

Four By Bard, Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center, NY 7/99.

·      Periodic Solution,  Choreographed by Jean Churchill

·      Not Gentle,  Choreographed by Jean Churchill

·      Snow, Choreographed by Jean Churchill

·      In Tandem, Choreographed by Peggy Florin with Jean Churchill

·      Benched, Choreographed by Peggy Florin

·      Land in Sky-Fire in Water, Choreographed by Susan Osberg

·      Rumi, Choreographed by Susan Osberg

·      Spell, Choreographed by Gary Reigenborn

Bard College Dance Theater IV, NY 11/97.

·      The Dying of The Light, Choreographed by Albert Reid

·      Far Rockaway, Choreographed by Rosalie Purvis

·      Dream Songs, Choreographed by Rosalie Purvis and Megan Savage

·      109 Freeman Street, Choreographed by Suzanne Schulz

·      String Theory, Choreographed by Suzanne Schulz

·      Cosmic Tones, Choreographed by Kristin Solomon

New Choreographers on Pointe, Marymount Manhattan Theater, NY 2/94.

·      Bits of Love in E Flat Major, Choreographed by Michael Kraus

·      Expectations, Choreographed by Mark Diamond

·      Mandara, Choreographed by Chil Han

·      Fall Pas de Deux from Seasons, Choreographed by Raymond Van Mason

·      Pastoral, Choreographed by Jenny Siu-kan Chiang

·      Rushing Water, Choreographed by Kathryn Posin

Choreographer Showcases, Mariko Tanabe, Curator, Context Studios, NY 1993, 1994.

Allnations Dance Company,  Chuck Golden, Manager, NY 1992 - 1994.

Bard Alumni Concert, Bard College Dance Theater, NY 9/93.

·      Intoxicating Calm, Choreographed by Arther Aviles

·      The Typical New York-Rican, Choreographed by Arther Aviles

·      Trilogy for Two, Choreographed by David Parker with Jeffrey Kazin

·      Landings, Choreographed by Gina Gibney

·      Incidence of Light, Choreographed by Gina Gibney

·      A Blip on The Horizon, Choreographed by Susan Christensen

·     Salad DaysChoreographed by Susan Christensen

·     Intervals, Choreographed by Susan Christensen

·     Whose Life, Choreographed by Kaitlyn Granda

·     Black Jello, Choreographed by Rob Kitsos

Marijeanne Liederbach and Company, Marijeanne Leiderbach, Choreographer, Dia Center For The Arts, NY 4/93.

·      Lake

·      Good Apprentices

·      Montage #1

·      Herself

·      So There

Field Benefit Concert, Various Artists, Steve Gross, Artistic Director, The Kitchen, NY 1992.

Marc and Julliet Franco, Le Marble Tremble, Schloss Charlottenberg, Germany 1992.

Emergency Fund For Student Dancers, Marymount Manhattan Theater, NY 1/92.

·      Touch, Choreographed by Ana Escoda

·      Adagietto #5, Choreographed by Royston Maldoom

·      Tree Song, Choreographed by Jacqulyn Buglisi

·      Bolt Out of The Blue, Choreographed by Brenda Baden-Semper

·      Between me and me, Choreographed by Maki Fujita

·      Insomnia, Choreographed by Paolo Mereu and Riikka Rasanen

·      De Sus Pies, Choreographed by Sabrina Peck

·      Liebesbotschaft, Choreographed by Henning Rubsam

·      Our Turn To Swallow, Choreographed by Sara Hook

New Choreographers on Pointe, Michael Kraus, Curator, Marymount Manhattan Theater, NY 2/92.

Dance Theater II, Bard College, NY 4/90.

·      Shaken Not Stirred,  Choreographed by Susan Hamburger

·      Photos From The Attic, Choreographed by Susan Hamburger

·      Funky People, Choreographed by Rob Kitsos

·      Undercurrents, Choreographed by Christephor Gilbert

Frey Faust, Selected Dances, Bard College Dance Studio, NY 1989.

Aids Benefit Concert, Jean Churchill, Chairperson, Bard College Olin Auditorium, NY 1989.

Dance Theater I, Bard College, NY 2/89.

·      Artemis in a Thunderstorm, Choreographed by Aileen Passiloff

·      Pas de Ducks, Choreographed by Susan Hamburger

·      Simply Bananas, Choreographed by Kelly Munn

·      Watch Out, Choreographed by Beth Ann Finisdore



New Voices in a New Space, Directed by Annette Jolles, Thalia Theater, NY 2003 - 2005.

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, By Diamanda Galas, Spiegeltent, NY 8/06.

Symphonies 6&8, By Philip Glass, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY 11/05.

Bang On A Can Festival, Various Artists, Kevin Cunningham, Production Manager, The Kitchen, NY 1993.

Loser’s Lounge, Rod Stewart Tribute, Arnold Engleman, Producer, Westbeth Theater, NY 4/02.

The Two Widows, Manhattan School of Music, NY, Associate Lighting Designer; Rick Martin, Lighting Designer, 4/98.




Coach Showroom, Commercial Lighting, New York, 2012 to Present.

Vermont Residence, Residential Lighting Vermont, 2011.

Manhattan Residence, Residential Lighting, New York, 2010.

Big Arrow Office, Commercial Lighting, New York, 2010.

Tribeca Loft, Residential Lighting, New York, 2009.

Dig Og Mig, Commercial Lighting, New York, 2009.

Greenwich Village Brownstone, Residential Lighting, New York, 2008.

Manhattan Studio Residence, Residential Lighting, New York, 2007.

Connecticut Residence, Residential Lighting, Connecticut, 2004.

US Air Guitar Competition, New York Competition, Pink Pussycat Lounge, NY 6/03.

Tierny Wedding, Landmark on the Park Church, NY 10/02.

Physical Therapy Studio, Marijeanne Liederbach, Therapist/ Owner, City Center, NY 1/02.

Sotheby’s Auction House, NY, Selected Auctions, 1997-2001.




Stephen Petronio Company, 20th Anniversary Tour, US and Europe, Lighting Supervisor; Ken Tabachnick, Lighting Designer, 2004.

Mark Morris Dance Company, Assorted Productions, American Tour, Lighting Supervisor; Michael Chybowsky, Lighting Designer, 2002 - 2004.

Meredith Monk, Quarry, Choreographed by Meredith Monk, Spoleto Dance Festival, Associate Lighting Designer; Tony Giovannetti, Lighting Designer, 6/03.

Last 5 Years, Directed by Daisy Prince, Minetta Lane Theater, NY, Assistant Lighting Designer; Christine Binder, Lighting Designer, 3/02.

College Television Network, Studio Lighting, MTV Networks and Lighting Design Group, Assistant Lighting Designer; Dan Kelley, Lighting Designer, NY, 10/03.

State Farm Industrial, State Farm Company, US Tour, Assistant Lighting Designer; Gene Lenahan, Lighting Designer,  2000, 2003.

Tamango and Urban Tap, Associate Lighting Designer; Michael Mazzola, Lighting Designer, 2001-2003.

·      Full Cycle

·      Caravane

The Big Swim, Asphalt Green Pool, NY, Assistant Lighting Designer; John Kelly Lighting Designer, 4/01.

Lucinda Childs Dance Company, 25th Anniversary European Tour, Associate Lighting Designer; Pat Dignan, Eric Wurtz Lighting Designers 2000.

The Builder’s Association, Directed by Marianne Weems, European tour, Associate Lighting Designer; Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Designer, 1998 - 2000. 

·      Jet Lag

·      Jump Cut

Williamsburg Art and Historical, NY, Assistant Lighting Designer; Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Designer, 11/98.

The Sound of Music, Directed by Susan H. Schulman,  Martin Beck Theater, Assistant to Mr Gallo, Paul Gallo, Lighting Designer, 1998.

Tharp!, Twyla Tharp, Choreographer, Assistant Lighting Designer; Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Designer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 3/98.

Le Bourgeois Avante Garde, Written by Charles Ludlam, Directed by Liz Diamond, Assistant Lighting Designer; Robert Wierzel, Lighting Designer, 4/95.

The Three Sisters, Written by Anton Chekov, Assistant Lighting Designer; Mathew Addelson, Lighting Designer, 11/94.

Juilliard Drama III Repertory, Juilliard Drama Theater, NY, Assistant Lighting Designer; Matthew Frey, Lighting Designer, 3/93.

Selected Productions, Regional and Off Broadway, Assistant Lighting Designer; Douglas O’Flaherty, Lighting Designer, 1991-1993.



Instant Expert Lighting. Real Simple, September 2011

Majestic Metropolitan Living, Clarkson Potter 2009.  (Page 66-76, Milbank House)

Susan Hamburger: Lighting Dance...and Dancers.  Rosco. 




Adjunct Professor at Juilliard, 2009 to Present.

Adjunct Professor at New York University, 2005 to Present.

Guest Artist at Muhlenberg College, 1998 to Present.

Guest Speaker at South Eastern Theater Conference, 2004.

Experience as Production Manager, Company Manager And Stage Manager.

Experience in computer drafting and Photoshop.

Teaching Artist; Roundabout Education Department, Broadway Theater Institute, Theater for Young Audiences.

Experience as Modern Dance choreographer and performer.

Fluency in German, ability in French and Spanish.